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Hares, hares and yet more hares

As my little sister is always painting hare mugs and jugs, I thought (maybe it is a little sarcastic) hare bunting would look great hanging in her studio. The photo I took this morning, shows three of her mugs which are in daily use and have survived the dishwasher for years. I love them as they hold 3/4 pint of either tea or coffee, depending on the time of day! A must for any hardcore caffeine addict, such as myself. #heatherjrichardsceramics #folksy heather richards

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The Rugby World Cup

How happy were we when New Zealand voted to keep their flag! This bunting has been used a few times, not just a reserve for the World Cup. The country flags alternating with the printed grass traditional triangular flag, works for birthday parties in the garden and rugby club events.


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Commissions for businesses and organisations

After chatting with a few owners of small businesses, they highlighted to me that when they were at a fair or event they needed something to catch the eye of the general public. Bespoke appliqued bunting, in branded colours worked for them. So for events outdoors something that flutters, does attract interest and being handmade and using quality fabrics compliments the business that it’s promoting. The bespoke bunting is used for all promotional events and has proved very popular.