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Why we do, what we do.

Arriving at a venue recently, I was first tasked with removing the bunting which had been used for the previous day’s celebrations. Whilst I started to hang and fit our re-usable bunting, the couple who were starting day one of married life, came into the room. I said to them, “hope you don’t mind, I’ve left your bunting on the table.” To which the reply was, “oh, we don’t need it, you can bin it.” I must admit I was somewhat taken aback. Landfill . . . and so now the bunting story will start from the very beginning.

A week before my daughters second birthday (14 years ago now), I decided to whizz up enough bunting to hang across three beams in the church hall  hired for her birthday party. I made the bunting from left over fabric I’d used to make the children’s camping trousers. These were light weight cotton, elasticated waist and to be honest I think they might have traumatised the children, especially with the hand-me-down system!

So, with this ethos I do really struggle with the disposable side of life now; all the plastic, flimsy fabric and paper bunting used once and then binned. Just more and more of it being sent to landfill. And to be honest who can blame consumers, with the combination of cheap prices and a huge amount of choice, it’s not really surprising that they are swayed into thinking that ‘this is the only option’ to take when they’re organising weddings, parties or any other type of event. Hiring quality fabric bunting, instead of buying the cheap disposable variety, is definitely going to save on landfill, shipping/production costs both actual and indirect impacting on our environment.

So, now off my soap box! The original bunting, I made fourteen years ago, was a single layer of fabric, unhemmed . . . what was I thinking of? Regardless, the fabric has lasted and lasted, frayed edges and all. For the last few years it has been a permanent feature of my homemade garden shelter, weathering storms and strong easterlies. Then with a quick wash and iron, it ‘scrubbed’ up well, ready for re-use.


A couple of years ago I picked up the bunting idea again, only this time to hire out to venues or make bespoke appliqued bunting for small organisations to use at trade fairs. This phase two product development idea used rope, eyelets, plastic packing tape. Just punching the eyelets through fabric and plastic tape was pretty heavy going. So much so that I was starting to play online casinos and plan how to make a small machine to automate the process.

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At this moment, I realised that enough is enough and it was time to move back to my original fabric bunting. But, how to differentiate mine from all the mass produced variety. This is when I made the first button together lengths. The thought process behind this being, different patterns and appliqued greetings can be fastened together and changed according to the occasion thus giving greater versatility and flexibility.

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This website illustrates all the patterns of bunting made in greater metreage to use in gardens, marquees and halls plus some of the appliqued business bunting. We have sourced beautiful fabrics and cotton herringbone tape from a couple of UK suppliers and as the business continues to grow, the styles/patterns/ideas are always being developed and modified.